Welcome Winter

In my recent post for PBS Parents, I proclaim to hate being cold - this is true.  But I love winter gear and bundling up; I can’t get enough of winter hats and layers, and routinely wear them inside too.  I just require more layers for being outside.  Layers - for me and my kids - are the name of the game.  Because once we are outside and moving, we get warm, and can easily peel those layers off.

After moving from Virginia to Colorado only five months ago, it has felt like Winter for awhile now.  Here, we can’t wait for the beautiful sparkling snow.  But even when there is no snow on the ground, we still need our layers, and my kids are responsible (even when I have to remind them!) of keeping their hats and gloves in their marked bin by the door.

To celebrate all that Winter offers us with our families, I’m excited about the launch of a digital excerpt of my book, 15 Minutes Outside, specifically for the season:

Best Outdoor Activities for Families: Wintertime

Available exclusively as an eBook short.

What if you got outside every day, and what if you could get your kids to come along? It sounds modest, but the effects, as dynamic outdoor spokesperson Rebecca Cohen herself can testify, are profound. Excerpted from her book FIFTEEN MINUTES OUTSIDE, this inspiring collection of wintertime activities gives families an idea a day ranging from December through February, requiring little planning, no expertise and relatively little resources (time, cash, or patience!), no matter where they live. Simple and inspiring, this eBook is bursting with easy ways to get your family out into nature for just a few minutes every day.


So, what are you waiting for?  Start dreaming of how you want to spend time outside.  Then, get out of the house, and see what happens.

Wishing you a season of magical moments outside together,


About Rebecca P. Cohen
Rebecca P. Cohen is a finalist for the 2012 Outdoor Inspiration Awards and the go-to spokesperson for gardening and outdoor activities any time of the year.  Rebecca is author of the book, 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids (Sourcebooks) and inventor of Rebecca Plants Curiosity Cards. Rebecca’s work has been featured in Better Home and Gardens, Parenting, Redbook, Working Mother, Family Circle, Backyard Solutions, and has appeared on live morning news shows around the country. Rebecca has been a proud ambassador of the Seeds of Change Sowing Millions Project and featured as a spokesmom for the National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There movement on PBS Wild Animal Baby.  She has inspired thousands with her public appearances and community and school events, and motivates still more to follow their dreams and passions as the host of Wish It, Dream It, Do It! radio. For more information visit RebeccaPlants.com.

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